My New Workspace

Just got a large Wacom Intuos5 tablet. Now to actually get some digital drawing skills…


New Christmas Cards on Etsy!


I have put my new cards up on Etsy. They’re all hand pressed from a linoleum block. Check them out!

Greetings from beyond the grave!

This is my newfangled art blog! I’ll be posting assorted work, as well as step by step progressions of pieces from start to finish! It might take a bit to whittle this page into perfection, but here goes…

I’m currently working on an anti-zombie propaganda poster for my Eccentric Illustration class. Here’s a bit of my past work involving zombies. The final image in the set is the work-in-progress poster. It is pencil on illustration board so far. The finished product will have ink and watercolor as well, perhaps a bit of charcoal and colored pencil.